Izu  Shirahama  Guest House    Chu Ra Umi

Guest House Chu Ra Umi open only for during the summer season from July to end of August.  

It's located 700m from main beach in shimoda city (shirahama ohama). Leave your baggage in our place and put on beach wear, then just walk 7 minutes you will see most popular and nearest beautiful beach from Tokyo. 


Destination to the beach


■ Shirahama ohama beach  700 m (within 10 minutes walk)


     This beach is main beach. most popular and longest beach in shimoda.   It worth visiting this beach when you come to shimoda.  also good for surfer.


■ Shirahama chuo beach    600 m (within 8 minutes walk)


     water is clean and beach is quiet and more nature, this beach is for people who want to relax. 


■ Sotoura beach        ( 10 minutes by car  or bus )


   recommend for family .  No swell and quite.

  one of best option for day of strong swell.


■ Tatado,Ohama,Irita, other beach ( 20 minutes by car or bus)


   beautiful beach and recommend for surfer 



All Japanese style rooms.  ( Tatami and Futon )


we are preparing Futon and pillow for each person.

Please bed make your self, you can feel Japanese traditional style bedding.  


sorry, all room doesn't has private bath and toilet. there are 7 shower rooms and 6 toilet in our guest house.  you can use these whenever you want to take shower.


TV,  Air conditioner, dryer, small fridge, 


shared space




  you can relax and chat with chill out music. 

  It's possible to bring some foods and drink.  

  (sorry we have no space to cook)




   we are selling cold draft beer and some liqueur.




shower room


■7 shared shower rooms


Available 24 hours

you can use shower from day of check in to after check out.


supplied shampoo, body soap, hot water.


( Rental towel 300 yen )


■6 toilet





■We can keep your baggage before check and after check out.

 It's possible to go to the beach with empty hands.


■However after checked out, you can use shower room before leave shirahama.  Enjoy the beach after check out. 


■We have staff who can speak English,and support your fun trip in shomoda city.


■we interact with all people who visit from various place around the world with spirit of hospitality.



■ 1,500 yen for one night one car 


     check in day     from  AM 10:00   

     check out day   until  PM  14:30


     parking location is in front of Guest House


     unnecessary to book for parking

     Please pay parking fee when check in time


Book and payment


■Please use booking. com 


 Please access booking .com web site and click your trip day and number of person.


you need your credit card for authentication.


you can chose online payment or cash on check in time.


Maximum one room capacity is 3 person each room.


If our booking. com site is no room, then we are full booking.

Please check another day.


Sorry, we don't accept booking by phone or E-mail.